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 safe abortion drug sales

Safe abortion

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cara menggugurkan kandungan Where can I do a safe abortion?
Some of the emails with the same tone I received repeatedly in my email inbox. Of that I want to explain a little about safe abortion procedures.
Safe abortion can be done in two ways, surgical or medical. Surgical or actions performed in the clinic by a physician with sterile instruments. Medical or drugs is to use a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. For abortions performed in clinics, should be the methods that are tailored to gestation and using sterile instruments. Similar to the clinic, abortion using medication should be done with the supervision of a doctor or expert counselor.
Abortion Clinic
Counsel before you do an abortion. Through counseling you will get information mmengenai various options, risks and possible complications. Counseling can help you make a wise decision. Keep in mind that the decision to have an abortion is not an easy decision, it takes mental readiness, physically and financially.
If the abortion is performed in the clinic, the doctor will perform ultrasound tests to determine the age of pregnancy definitely. Knowing the age of the pregnancy certainly important to determine the method of abortion to be performed. The doctor will also check the condition of your health to make sure there are no major risks during and after the abortion.
Generally note the clinic you choose. You must be shrewdly hopes to identify the processes occurring in the clinic, do you think your identification such clinics meet eligibility standards for sterilization or not.
Use your rights as a client to ask. Good clinical and pro women's rights will provide an explanation of the abortion procedure and the condition of your health.
If the doctor does not offer post-abortion check-up, you are entitled to ask for it. Set a schedule for a check-up two weeks or one month after the action.
Request a contact who can be contacted at any time if you are experiencing symptoms associated with abortion and require consultation or further action. If the doctor or clinic can not provide a contact to call, we can be sure the clinic does not care about you and just want to take advantage of your situation.
The most important thing before deciding on the abortion clinic. Perform an ultrasound test of the previous day in a clinic or hospital is different. Often clients defrauded by stating that the gestational age of 10 weeks or more of gestation Leih real so the client must pay higher prices. Please remember that the cost of abortion increases with increasing gestational age. Do not be deceived.
Abortion Drug
Drugs that can be used for abortion is a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone in Indonesia did not go on the market so the choices available is Misoprostol. Misoprostol can still be used even though their effectiveness is not as great when combined with Mifepristone.
If the abortion is performed alone by using drugs. Make sure you consult it first with a doctor or counselor. The counselor will give you information regarding the dosage, method of use, risks and complications that may occur.
Make sure that you provide information that is correct regarding gestational age and your health condition. Because in certain medical conditions, medication use should be accompanied by antibiotics, vitamins or other drugs that do not aggravate your health condition.
Perform ultrasound tests to determine the age of pregnancy definitely. Abortion with effective drugs until the age of 9 weeks gestation. Use of the drug for up to 12 weeks should be under the supervision and guidance of a counselor because of different protocols. Use of the drug over 9 weeks to 12 weeks should get more in-depth counseling to ensure mental readiness clients face the prospect of that happening.
Make sure that the drugs you buy are genuine drugs. Do not take drugs in the packaging. Be careful with the drug sellers on the internet because many cases of fraud in selling mode abortion drug. Buy drugs directly from pharmacies or meet directly with the seller is the most efficient way to avoid fraud.
Make a careful planning prior to an abortion. Make sure you are not far from the hospital or clinic nearby that can be reached less than an hour.
Do not have an abortion themselves. Make sure there are accompanying you at any time if you had to be rushed to the hospital.
Keep records about what time you started taking the medication, the symptoms of what is perceived and when to begin bleeding.
Note the bleeding occurs and clots or products of conception exit .. bleeding will usually take up to 2 or 3 weeks. Having regard to this process you can determine whether a complete abortion has occurred or not.
If a few days after the action still feels pain due to contraction, severe bleeding or the appearance of vaginal discharge that smells, it's a sign you should immediately check into the clinic. If, based on clinical examination they last remaining network then you can take an extra dose or undergo curettage procedure.
In contrast to the above description, when you do an abortion clinic abortion illegal, you usually only comes on when the abortion procedure and after the procedure is done you will go home or at least just an overnight stay. Even in some cases many abortions are done in a hotel room just in rent for a few hours so after doing an abortion you're forced to immediately check-out. In more severe cases, and even when abortion is done without given painkillers or anesthesia.
What are the consequences if abortions are not safe? Often, abortions performed by a skilled person would wear ways and tools are not appropriate. To undermine and force out the products of conception, the uterus will be massaged and penetrated tools or objects into it. This tool is often in the form of a sharp object, has been polluted and unclean. For example, bamboo, piercer or hose unsterile often make a uterine infection. As a result, in addition to an infection, the uterus can be damaged or torn and subsequent severe bleeding can occur. Possibility to three, the uterus will continue to expend blood and other fluids. It would be fatal for the mother if not immediately assisted. Meanwhile, a state of unhealthy uterus can develop into an infection that is continuous, the growth of new cells, growth of malignant cells and others.
The absence of follow-up after an cara menggugurkan kandungan muda procedure could endanger the health of women in the future, even in some cases of death due to excessive bleeding. In some women may not be visible abnormalities as a result of unsafe abortion procedures but that does not mean nothing, usually an infection or trauma it will appear a few months or a few years down the line, only much later did not realize it.
So, be smart and informed choice.

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